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Shaykeh – “The Subtle Art of Seduction” (EP)

Shaykeh - "The Subtle Art of Seduction" (EP)

Shaykeh’s new offering, Gingër is a wave of sound specifically crafted to prompt listeners towards the dancefloor. Ginger carries in its belly a live bass guitar played by YomWoody, that drives the vibe forward and keep the groove moving through your bones from start to finish with a production solo that brings the already solid record to a beaming climax. With this record, Shaykeh has applied a unique artistic formula to create an addictive record.

Shaykeh speaks on her inspiration for the song, stating as follows: “It’s my way of encouraging people, especially women, to step into their element and let loose. Regardless of what society or what the next man/woman has to say, the moment you own your vibe, you’re unstoppable. So in plain words, Just Dance.”

Produced by the sonically gifted 01FRNCH, the EP is a combination of his signature sound; the witch’s cackle, which was filled and brought to life by Shaykeh‘s stellar vocals.

Listen and share your thoughts below!

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