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The England squad is almost half a billion more expensive than Italy. Is everything clear with the favorite of the final?

The England squad is almost half a billion more expensive than Italy. Is everything clear with the favorite of the final?

The Euro finalists were compared in terms of cost and performance.

Today, 11 July, the long-awaited final of Euro 2020 will take place at Wembley in London , in which the national teams of Italy and England will converge. On this occasion, we compared the players of the proposed starting line-ups, starting with the transfer value and ending with the performance at this Euro.

  • Average performance per match.


Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy) / Jordan Pickford (England)

The goalkeeper of the Italian national team is one of the most expensive players in the national team (€ 60 million), Pickford – € 22 million Donnarumma conceded three goals (Pickford – one), made fewer saves (six against 11), showed the best passing accuracy (78.7% against 60.1%), less often gave passes (28.2 against 29.7) and long passes (4.3 against 6.3).


Giovanni Di Lorenzo (Italy) / Kyle Walker (England)

Di Lorenzo is valued at € 24 million, Walker – at € 28 million. Both defenders have played five matches at Euro 2020 , but with very different indicators. The Englishman has better passing accuracy (88.4% versus 83.9%), more passes per match (63.6 versus 44.6), long passes (3.2 versus 1.8), interceptions (1.2 versus 1 ) and less offsets (1.4 versus 2.6).

Di Lorenzo, in turn, demonstrated a high level of defensive actions: he often won the fight in the air (2.2 versus 2), made tackles (3 versus 0.2) and broke the rules (2.2 versus 0.2).

Leonardo Bonucci (Italy) / John Stones (England)

Bonucci is € 22 million cheaper than Stones (€ 8 million versus € 30 million). Both defenders took part in five matches. The Englishman did better. Stones has phenomenal passing accuracy (94.6% versus 87.6%), more martial arts won on the “second floor” (2.5 versus 1.2), tackles (1 versus 0.3), clearances (2.3 versus 2), assists (70.7 versus 57.7).

But Bonucci makes more interceptions (2 versus 0.7) and more often uses long passes (6.3 versus 3.2).

Giorgio Chiellini (Italy) / Harry Maguire (England)

Transfer value in favor of Maguire (€ 45 million versus € 1.5 million). The Englishman, as his partner in defense, more precisely gives passes (90.8% versus 86.8%), has no equal on the “second floor” (4.3 versus 1.5) and scored a goal in the match with Ukraine. Garry also has a slight advantage in the number of interceptions (2 versus 1.8), assists per match (76.3 versus 49.3) and long passes (4 versus 3).

Chiellini has more tackles (1 versus 0.8), the same number of clearances with Maguire (3.5 each) and blocked shots (0.5 each).

Emerson (Italy) / Luke Shaw (England)

The Manchester United defender is more expensive than the Chelsea player (€ 35 million versus € 12 million). Emerson replaced the injured Spinazzola during the tournament, so in many respects Shaw is inferior. Luke already has three assists for Euro 2020 . He wins the fight more often in the air (2 versus 0.3), passes (58 versus 22.7), makes more tackles (1.6 versus 0.7) and interceptions (0.8 versus 0). In addition, Shaw often uses long passes (1.8 versus 0.3) and crosses (1.6 versus 0).

Emerson surpasses the Englishman in passing accuracy (89.7% versus 87.2%) and breaks the rules less often (0.3 versus 1.8).


Marco Verratti (Italy) / Calvin Phillips (England)

Verratti is more expensive than Phillips by € 25 million (€ 55 million versus € 30 million). The Italian midfielder has more assists at Euro 2020 (two versus one), better passing accuracy (92.6% versus 87.1%), superiority in tackles (3.3 versus 0.8) and interceptions (1.3 versus one). In addition, Marco is more likely to make key passes (3 versus 0.5), passes (74.8 versus 50.3), crosses (1 versus 0.2) and dribbles (1.3 versus 0.3).

Phillips has a slight lead in aerial duels won (1.7 versus 1.3) and long passes (2.8 versus 2.3).

Jorginho (Italy) / Mason Mount (England)

Both midfielders have similar data in many respects, and at the same time the transfer cost of the Englishman is almost twice as high (€ 75 million versus € 40 million). Jorginho played two more games than Mount and showed better passing quality (92.9% versus 89.7%), interceptions (3.5 versus 0.3) and passes (70 versus 34, longs – 2 versus 0 ,five).

Mason scored an assist in the tournament, hit more shots (1.8 versus 0), made more tackles (2.8 versus 1.7), was beaten less by dribbling (0.3 versus 1.7) and used crosses ( 2.5 vs 0).

Nicolo Barella (Italy) / Declan Rice (England)

Both players are estimated at € 65 million. However, they also spend Euro 2020 in the same way. Barella often helps in the attack (goal and two assists), strikes (1 against 0.2), goes dribbling (1.2 against 0), makes key passes (1.8 against 0.2).

Rice has the best passing quality (92.1% versus 83.4%), wins the fight in the air (0.5 versus 0), surpasses his counterpart in tackles (1.3 and 0.8) and interceptions (1.8 and 0.4).


Federico Chiesa (Italy) / Bucayo Saka (England)

An Englishman is more expensive than an Italian by € 5 million (€ 65 million versus € 60 million). Chiesa is hosting a brilliant Euro 2020 with two goals. Federico more often than Saka shoots on goal (2.3 versus 0), more accurately passes (80.8 versus 78.1), gives more key passes (1 versus 0.3), less often loses the ball after dribbling (1.2 versus 3).

Bukayo wins more in single combats in the air (0.7 versus 0.2), goes into dribbling more often (1.7 versus 1) and earns fouls (2.3 versus 0.3).

Ciro Immobile (Italy) / Harry Kane (England)

Kane’s transfer cost is three times higher than Immobile (€ 120 million versus € 38 million). The England captain has four goals for Euro 2020 , the Italian has two goals and two assists. At the same time, Immobile often hits the goal (3.4 versus 2.3) and has the best passing quality (80.4 versus 73.3). Kane, on the other hand, has no equal on the “second floor” (2.5 versus 0.2), often dribbles (0.8 versus 0.2) and earns more fouls (1.8 versus 0.6).

Lorenzo Insigne (Italy) / Raheem Sterling (England)

Insigne is valued at € 48 million, Sterling – € 90 million one). Sterling also dribbles more often (3 versus 0.4) and earns fouls on himself (1.5 versus 0.2).

The Italian striker outperforms the Englishman in shots on goal (2.8 versus 2.3), key passes (2.4 versus 0.5), crosses (1.2 versus 0) and long passes (3.4 versus 0.2 ).

Transfermarkt estimates the total cost of the Italian application for Euro 2020 at 751 million euros. England is almost half a billion more expensive – 1.26 billion.

The text used data from Transfermarkt and Whoscored.

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