Lady Donli – “Corner Corner” featuring VanJess & The Cavemen

Last year, Lady Donli released her 15-track debut album “Enjoy Your Life” which includes this track Corner Corner featuring VanJess & The Cavemen. The track has gone on to be one of the album’s favourite, thereby necessitating this action-packed official video which has the predominant theme of activism.

The video was directed by Shaun Kalu and according to him in a press statement:

“My vision for the film was to make a melodrama, a Nollywood home video that possesses multiple layers and juxtapositions. The most telling, being the intention to show that we (the younger generation) are well aware of societal and cultural issues— especially for women. I’m more than willing to inculcate that into the art. There was also a deliberate effort for the casting to be highly inclusive and diverse. You will find that we were able to cast different layers of powerful women and men in unison for the leading group in the film “Alfa Babez” led by Lady Donli. ”

Watch the video below!

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