Tems – “Finding Peace In The Noise (Tems In The Studio)”

Offering us a peek into her creative process, Tems has just shared “Finding Peace in the Noise”, a new mini-documentary in partnership with YouTube Music.

In less than three minutes, Tems expatiates on the importance of being in the moment while creating music, noting that tuning out the draining news cycle helps in maintaining focus and ensuring the energy that goes into the music is pure and untainted.

“When I’m in the studio or when I’m in a creative zone, my mind has be 100% there, taking things moment for moment, hour for hour. Otherwise, I get stuck” she says in the voiceover that accompanies visuals of her working in the studio.

“Finding Peace in the Noise” emphasises the attention and care Tems puts into her music, briefly but profoundly letting us into her frustrations while creating, as well as her constant determination to make sure she’s putting her best foot forward each time a new song or feature goes live.

The mini-doc is a reminder that, even though there’s a lot of anticipation for her debut project, Tems won’t be rushed, but we can be rest assured that whatever she comes up with is representative of her and is of the quality possible.

Watch the documentary below!

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