M.anifest – “No Fear” featuring Vic Mensa and Moliy

M.anifest – “No Fear”featuring Vic Mensa and Moliy

Ghanaian rapper, M.anifest has released this new track titled “No Fear” featuring American rapper Vic Mensa and fellow Ghanaian singer Moliy

The energetic song encourages listeners to muster courage and face the challenges of this world by breaking down barriers , as Moliy sings on the hook “ fear, my dear, they don’t really care, just move from there.

On the first verse, Vic Mensa bragged about his longevity in the game and rising above his childhood challenges to attain his present status despite being a special needs child. M.anifest followed suit by dismissing industry opps and bragging about his lyrical prowess. Moliy ends the song by firing warning shots at to those who may try to dare her.

Listen below!

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