THROWBACK: DaRe & Tim Lyre – “inDigo.” (EP)

DaRe and Tim Lyre - inDigo.

In 2019, music producer, DaRe and eclectic singer, song writer and producer, Tim Lyre teamed up to deliver this collaborative project titled “inDigo.

The 7 track Ep takes listeners on an intergalactic journey with features from July DramaAYLOEfyaDavina OriakhiPreye, and MOJO. Each song on the EP comes with a letter that represents the days of the week from “M: Schedule” (Monday) to “S: Young & Dumb” (Sunday).

On the opening track “M: Schedule“, Tim Lyre serenades us with his mellifluous voice while chronicling his activities for the week. On “T: Avatar“, July Drama adds a special rhythm to Tim Lyre’s adulation of a love interest. On the RnB sequence of “W: Feel It“, “T: Live“, “F: Exhibition“, the auditory pleasure provided by Efya, Davina Oriakhi and AYLO was tremendous and it set the mood right for MOJO’s freaky performance on “S: Need“. On the final song “S: Young & Dumb“, Preye renders his distinctive harmonies and soul-stirring vocals to give a long lasting impression on the low tempo tune.

DaRe Kasali and Tim Lyre deserve commendation for their fusion of the unique sounds that made up the individual tracks. Both collaborators are fond of making musical explorations either through beats, instruments or vocals. Together, they are like scientists and inDigo. is a jaw-dropping experiment that deserves the attention of the world.

Listen below!

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