Coblaze – “Come”

Coblaze - "Come"

Nigerian singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer, Coblaze has just released this brand new track titled “Come“.

The track “Come” rides on the bouncy wave of Afropop, sporting a mixture of pidgin, English, Yoruba, hints of Igbo and street lingo in its lyrical delivery. Coblaze’s female fans will especially love this offering from the singer due to the appraising manner in which he portrays the female gender. Unlike his 2019 single Amen that focuses on his hopes for a better life, Come takes a more casual turn. It is set in a party environment and pairs well with merriment and adult fun. On the track, Coblaze says he wants to work the body of an unidentified woman, swearing to finish all his money on her magnificent physique.

Come was produced by Coblaze and it opens us up to the singer’s superset of skills beside singing and songwriting.

Listen below!

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