Jay10 – “DM2” (EP)

Jay10 – “SAFARI” featuring Zilla Oaks

North London based rapper, songwriter and producer, Jay10, recently released “DM2“, a 3-track EP which serves as a follow up to his previous project ‘Deleted Memories’.

DM2 consists of 3 tracks that cut across different sounds on which he mostly explores his mind’s darkest thoughts, tackling issues such as drug use, depression and self-appraisal.

The EP opens up with the titular track “DM2”. The instrumental perfectly sets up and introspective and reflective mood and Jay10 hops on the beat in fitting fashion; he takes up the role of a man embracing his flaws and confronting his demons.

MR DREAMER” is up next and it features a bouncy stringed instrumental. Jay10 is the quintessential dreamer in the song as he optimistically raps about what the future holds for him.

Last on the lineup is “SAFARI” and this is the absolute turn up song of the project. The instrumental is a trippy trap flex, made it better with that irresistible flute sound that tends to potentiate trap beats. Jay10 raps about the fast life alongside Apex Village’s Zilla Oaks.

Listen below!

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