Ogranya – “Rendezvous”

Ogranya - "Rendezvous"

Ogranya is having an amazing run with the release of singles from his forthcoming ‘Project-52‘.

Less than 2 weeks after the release of Creo, he is back again with the release of a brand new single titled “Rendezvous“.

Rendezvous is an emotion laden song and as the title suggests, Ogranya is in a communicative state with a muse he just met and made instant connection with. He however expresses his feelings with circumspection, as he sings: “on a scale of one to ten, we move through different levels, i usually won’t let you get up to speed, so take it slow (take it slow), still you want a little more (take it slow)“.

The song was produced by his frequent collaborator, Goldkeyz.

Listen below!

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