Midas The Jagaban radiates positive energy in videos for “Step 2 Me” & “Cloud 9”

Midas The Jagaban radiates with energy in videos for "Step 2 Me" & "Cloud 9"

UK-based Nigerian artist Midas The Jagaban recently made a double video release for two tracks, “Step 2 Me” and “Cloud 9“, which are widely acclaimed tracks from her 2020 debut EP titled ‘Midas Touch‘.

Directed by MadBrothers Production, the video for “Step 2 Me” was shot in a prison yard with Midas behind bars and with fellow inmates in the open court while the video for “Cloud 9” assumed a ritualistic and cultural dimension with Midas being cast as an The Joker from Batman and Nigerian Afrobeat legend, Lágbájá.

Both videos showcase Midas‘ unmatched and pioneering ideas, having watched her stunning display, one can only be convinced that she is a breath of freshness to the UK music scene and music industry at large.

Watch the video for “Step 2 Me” below!

Watch the video for “Cloud 9” below!

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