Zilla Oaks – “Yuu”

Zilla Oaks - "Yuu"

Abuja-based rapper, Zilla Oaks returns with a brand new single titled “Yuu“.

Yuu” is a love themed song laced with confrontational lyrics about how his love entreaties are being neglected despite his genuine efforts and intentions. The Sktch produced hip hop love song has the Apex village member serenading listeners with tales of his love relationship in his smooth-sounding sonorous voice as he sings, “baby when i’m in your city, girl you hardly show me love, damn i thought you was with it, you don’t even hit me up“.

The energetic and entertaining single is a result of inner creativity channeled towards the delivery of a thought provoking story, which says alot about Zilla Oaks’ impressive gift of gab.

Listen below!

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