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Preyé – “Peace of Mind”

Preyé - "Peace of Mind"

Musical artist, Preyé has released her latest single of the year, “Peace of Mind“, a follow-up to her 2020 single, “Man in the Wind“.

According to Preyé, “The world has been in a state of constant chaos and in the midst of all that, we are expected to be well and happy and to find reason to continue living and thriving. ‘Peace of mind‘ is literally about finding peace of mind. This song was made when I was drowning in the reality of the pandemic; the overwhelming sad news, limited movement and barely being around loved ones. It took a toll on me personally and career-wise; and like most people, all I wanted was some peace of mind.”

The single was accompanied by a crisp video that was directed and edited by Granville Wilson.

Watch the Video, Listen and share your comments below!

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