Nasty C – “Best I Ever Had”

Nasty C - "Best I Ever Had"

South African rapper, Nasty C has released a brand new single titled “Best I Ever Had”.

As the title suggests, “Best I Ever Had” is a tale about his experience in a relationship with the best partner he’s ever had. On the song, he raps about the moments of beauty and doubt in the relationship, and even admits how much he loved her feistiness.

“I be tryna tеll her she changed my life/ ‘Cause of the trauma she think everything is a lie/ Can’t change my past, I can give you all of me right now,” he raps.

Produced by  Jordan Fulton, the song is a combination of sounds reminiscent of the late 2000s and early 2010s, it embodies rattling 808s, heavy bass and brass strings mixed together with coherent and relatable lyrics.

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