Gap debuts first Yeezy product

Gap debuts first Yeezy product

The first born child of the Yeezy x Gap collection is here. Kanye West’s first product for Gap is a bright blue puffer jacket made from recycled nylon (at least it’s sustainable). It’s now available for pre-order on Gap’s website for 200 dollars.

While 200 dollars might seem a bit steep for the average Gap consumer, Yeezy was known for running well into the four figure price range. The first product launch coincide’s with West’s birthday. The musician and creative director of the collaboration was spotted in the jacket last week, raising eyebrows as to what was about to happen with the collaboration next.

Gap has high hopes for this collaboration, with the expectation that collaborating with Kanye West will help uplift the brand’s stagnant to sluggish sales. Gap was already struggling before the pandemic and store closures, furloughs, and accelerated consumer shifts to online shopping wasn’t helping them at all.

Gap’s Yeezy line is expected to hit 150 million dollars in revenue by 2022 according to the a report by Bloomberg. Within eight years, it’s expected to become a billion dollar collaboration.

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