Bawo – “Live & Let Thrive” (EP)

Bawo - "Live & Let Thrive" (EP)

West London Nigerian rapper, Bawo is regarded as one of the most exciting and unique rappers in the game right now, having shot to prominence with his early Soundcloud productions and has since garnered a huge amount of support from top media houses in the UK, while simultaneously being selected as an artist to watch for. With regular backing from the likes of Spotify and boasting further support from global superstars including Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom to name a few, Bawo continues to push the boundaries of the contemporary UK rap scene with his captivating productions and aims to level up even more with his just-released six-track EP, Live & Let Thrive.

The sound and story-rich Live & Let Thrive’ EP showcases a collection of intricate tracks that represent an overarching mood: continuing despite adversity and striving to persist even when an end goal might not be in sight. Renowned for his distinct vocals and immaculate production methods of blending a multitude of genres from Trap and Drill to Garage and Baile Funk, the EP serves as a timely reminder of Bawo’s innate skill in crafting a sense of vintage nostalgia, poignant in today’s society.

Songs like the earlier released, Building Castles and lead single, Starts With A Textcontribute to Bawo’s desire to create and sustain an atmosphere that allows the kind of experimentalism he fronts to thrive, a desire hinged on the EP’s metaphorical title, Live & Let Thrive.

Listen to the EP and share your thoughts below!

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