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Kutee Lee – “Mine” Featuring Tonee

Kutee Lee - "Mine" Featuring Tonee

Port Harcourt native, Kutee Lee’s name originates from early likening to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, stemming from similarities in their defiant natures and love for introspection derived music. Personally, the former doctor feels like his “firm, bold and unruly” voice can fill a packed arena and describes his style of music as ‘Alternative’ because he plays across diverse genres and at each point, guns for meaningful narratives spanning subject matters like family, love, and betrayal among other things. All of these summarizes the content of Kutee Lee’s forthcoming EP, 0 4 6, which he heralds this week with Mine.

Featuring rap prodigy and like mind, Tonee C, the alternative rap song finds both artists using an impressive play on words to describe their muse’s love for money and how that isn’t a problem for them in their quest to win her over. With its catchy hook and chorus driven by lines like, “You got a fetish for dollar signs” Kutee Lee believes he has made a song that’s both anthemic and fit to pace his EP.

Listen and share your comments below!

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