DAP The Contract – “Powers Vol. 2” (EP)

DAP The Contract - "Powers Vol. 2" (EP)

Nigerian rapper, singer, producer and songwriter, DAP the Contract has dabbled in multiple sonic expressions with the release of his brand new project titled “Powers Vol 2”.

“Powers Vol 2” is a follow up to his 2019 EP and an evidence of his growth as a creator. From his work on Ajebutter’s ‘What Happens in Lagos’ to Odunsi’s ‘rare.’, DAP the Contract has dipped his toes in expert music production skills with the 9-track “Powers Vol 2”, an aural experience that takes one through Electronic fusions, Jazz adaptations and rhythmic rap flows. The EP features Tim Lyre, Wavy the Creator,  Sir Bastein and Kaliné.

“Powers Vol. 2 was born from a rekindled love for UK garage, electronic and house music”, Says DAP the Contract, “Most of the songs were written while I was living in Amsterdam. And having been away from the UK for so long after high school, I found a new love for that sound. This project is an experiment, fusing my gospel/soul/rap roots with new electronic energy”.

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