Love Island, Gossip Girl and Fashion Big TV Opportunity

Love Island, Gossip Girl and Fashion Big TV Opportunity

Channel surfing

  • Several shows that have had a huge impact on the fashion world, such as Love Island and Gossip Girl, recently premiered a new season and reboot.
  • Shoppable TVs, where viewers can buy costumes worn by characters and contestants, are becoming more and more popular.
  • Brands are struggling to get the most out of the proliferation of streaming content, and product placement, not advertising, is the primary way to reach consumers.

The fashion event is back. But if you’re lucky enough not to be invited to a Balenciaga haute couture show, or if you’re wary of connecting your elbows with designers and influencers at the rooftop bar, there’s always a night house in front of the TV. Networking and streaming services offer a lot of fashion content, which is 2021, and what you see on your screen is almost certainly for sale.In the UK, another season of Love Island is underway, and the bold choice of athletes in swimwear and body-fitting evening dresses has already begun a new trend (and perhaps killing the market alone). Masu White jeans). ITV, which broadcasts reality programs, Introduced A “shoppable TV” service that alerts viewers when they can buy a matching floral shirt and shorts set, or an unphysical swimsuit on the spot.Fast fashion brand Make a fortune Whether it is, leave the show Official sponsor I Saw It First or Boohoo Group, whose brand dominates many advertising breaks. Reality enthusiasts can also take a look at Amazon’s Making the Cut, a fashion design competition starring Project Runway graduates Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. The contest will premiere the second season on July 16th. The road to the finale.

A big script fashion moment this summer is the resurrection of Gossip Girl. The original series, which aired between 2007 and 2012, was probably second only to Sex and the City in that it created countless trends and gave mainstream television viewers a gorgeous fashion look. The original series costume designer Eric Daman is back for a reboot. Still, creating lightning bolts twice in a bottle is not an easy task, and other shows have made bold fashion choices over the last decade (even if the industry doesn’t). Fully accepted chance).The Gossip Girl brand is strong enough in the fashion world and the label Fishing for placement Virtually on reboot since it was announced.

Conclusion: The pandemic has made couch potatoes for all of us and has already strengthened the television’s considerable ability to drive fashion trends. In addition to this, last year’s e-commerce boom creates new incentives for brands to participate in the show at the moment.

Return to school special

  • Parents and their school children usually start hoarding clothes and supplies during this time.
  • Consumer surveys predict that spending will increase significantly compared to 2019, as the majority of students are expected to return to the classroom this fall.
  • Teens are more likely to buy from second-hand and online fast fashion retailers than in 2019.

Retailers are predicting the new semester shopping season for banners.Many parents send their children back to campus For the first time In almost two years, research has shown that we are preparing to stock up on everything from stick glue and notepads to tablets and headphones. The big picture of fashion is a little more complicated.According to a Deloitte survey Parents expect to use What they did with apparel and accessories last year, even though overall new semester spending is projected to increase by 42%. However, others 11 percent increase Apparel spending forecast by Mastercard survey in June. Regular brands, from American Eagle to Nike, definitely expect sales growth. However, traditional retailers will intensify competition for the dollar in the new semester. Resale sites have grown significantly over the last two years. Both Poshmark and Thredup have been released, and Depop has been acquired by Etsy. Online fast fashion also continues to gain market share.Shein has surpassed Amazon as the most recently downloaded shopping app Still relatively unknown In 2019.

Conclusion: Retailers who want to take advantage of the new semester spending surge need to plan ahead. Due to the limited shipping capacity and the backlog of the factory, the arrival of some products is delayed.

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