Lagos-based Nigerian rapper, artiste and model, DETO BLACK is firmly in the ascendancy with her artistry and craft, a fact evident in the array of singles she recently put out, her latest effort is an Alte single titled “Brag”.

“Brag” is a powerful, uncompromising hip-hop jam that sees DETO BLACK exuding confidence as she delivers slick vocals amidst a fluttering futuristic production by Genio. On the single’s origins, she explained: “I wrote this song in Lagos just before the COVID hit. I was already overgoing out and being around people, the Lagos club scene can be really turned up and everyone gets really hyper. Some days i just want to be in my unfriendly black hottie mode and just sit down and be cute…”

She continues: “People think Lagos Girls can be stuck up but i think we should have the choice of not always having to have a smile on our face if you get what i mean. So yeah this song is for the girls when they need to be reminded that they are that bitch and want to be in their own world.”

With her musical career very much still in its infancy, DETO BLACK has emerged as an artist destined for stardom.

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