The Cavemen Deliver the Vintage Visuals for their Latest Single, “Selense”

The Cavemen Deliver The Vintage Visual for their Latest Single, "Selense"

Nigerian highlife duo, The Cavemen have released the visuals for their latest single – “Selense”, taking a step back in time with the classic video.

“Selense” finds the brother duo, The Cavemen expressing their passion for highlife in a romantic manner with their unique fusion of classic and modern rhythms. They re-affirm their unwavering intention to bring Highlife music back to the fore and fill the vacuum for contemporary Highlife music with the classical Highlife Fusion style of music.

Directed by ace Nigerian cinematographer Clarence Peters, the video is a depiction of the Nigerian society in the 80s era. The director did a wonderful job by delivering the classic video through the experimentation of available props, designs and attires to reenact the olden times when Highlife was on the come-up in Nigeria.

Watch the video and share your thoughts below!

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