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ZahZah – “ZahZah” (EP)

Zahzah - "Zahzah" (EP)

Nigerian singer,  ZahZah has released a self-titled debut EP, “ZahZah”.

“ZahZah” is a body of work that embodies the contemporary Nigerian experience, marrying the singer’s experience and desires. At times, introspective and bubbly, it is finely cut from the Afro Pop tradition: percussive and immersive, crafted for fun times and a roomful of bodies.

Produced by Runcheck, Phantom and Kel P, the EP offers a snapshot into Zahzah‘s heart. On “Maranma”, he coos about sweet romantic scenes, spicing his verses infusions of the Igbo language. ZahZah conveys the emotional rollercoaster of heartbreak on “Miss You”, backed by summery drums and airy synths. “Ground Zero” finds ZahZah in a deliberative mood, as he acknowledges that “to get this shine e no dey easy”. Closing out the EP are the records “Jara” and “Enta”, which thrive off ZahZah’s assured songwriting and his captivating vocal deliveries.

Listen and share your thoughts below!

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