dndSection – “Red Eyes” featuring Maradona

dndSection - "Red Eyes" featuring Maradonna

Following the release of ‘Remix’ and ‘A. Iverson’, his latest collaboration with Zamir, alte rapper, dndSection returns with a brand new single titled “Red Eyes” featuring Maradona.

With a Maradona-verse assist, both artists deliver a stellar performance against the backdrop of a groovy GMK production. The track has the artists at their most boastful as they speak on stacking bands, their exotic lifestyle, and putting the opps in check. “My dawg gon pull up if you test my, rolling with the worst guys/All my niggas outside, shoot a nigga ten times/Throw hundreds in the roof in a club no dead vibe”, dnd raps on the hook.

The accompanying video is equally captivating with a glimpse of dollar bills, exotic cars, and Maradona in a party scene.

Watch the video and share your thoughts below!

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