Maison2500 – “x2 Much Dope”

Maison2500 - "x2 Much Dope"

Blunt and edgy Nigerian alte rapper, Maison2500 returns to the scene with another experimental sound titled “x2 Much Dope”.

“x2 Much Dope” is his second release of the year, following March’s upbeat “Methamphetamine”. In typically stellar fashion, Maison’s prioritises exuberant lyricism and experimental cadences, sliding over a woozy punk-trap beat with unflappable poise.

The single is accompanied by a street inspired psychedelic video directed by Nick Freeman for A Brickhead Production. The video, which was shot in New york, contains scenes of the young rapper wildin’ on the corridor of a city flat apartments and in a skate park with graffiti designs.

Watch the video and share your thoughts below!

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