Wondamagik & Ogranya – “Grab Somebody”

Wondamagik & Ogranya - "Grab Somebody"

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ogranya is joined by frequent collaborator/producer, Wonda Magik on their latest single, “Grab Somebody”.

“Grab Somebody” is a shaky and syrupy Highlife infused ode to limitless fun, retro, and reminiscent of melodious ‘90s Afrobeat music. The single gives his weekly ‘Project 52’ releases another flavor. Together, the duo offers a sound that’s altogether inspirational, sensual, springy, and heady on Grab Somebody, these qualities stretch the relevance of their realistic, relatable, and refreshing narrative powered by this sound which appreciates Wonda Magik’s prowess and understanding of Ogranya’s vision and speaks to the latter’s laudable knowledge.

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