PsychoYP serves up Sparkling Video for His EP-titled Single, “Euphoria”

PsychoYP serves up Sparkling Video for His EP-titled Single, "Euphoria"

Abuja-based Alte rapper, Psycho YP is leaving no stone unturned, as he is set to make a mark in the Nigerian Rap scene with the video of his newly released EP single, “Euphoria”.

In typical Psycho YP fashion, the lead single of his recently released EP, “Euphoria” comes accompanied today with a new video release that broadens the world around the newly released project. The Ceeander Ent-directed video seamlessly matches the song’s spell binding lyricism and hard-hitting bars.

In the video, we see a jaded YP delivering his verse while experiencing an out-of-body experience as he lays on a large size bed. From the trippy effects and his unusual ability to fly a few feet off the bed, it’s clear that Psycho YP is feeling himself in the most ecstatic way as he sings over the futuristic production of the track. The video captures the artist in complete awe of his environment, expressing the trippy feeling which happened to be stimulated by several psychedelics.

Watch the video and share your thoughts below!

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