Zamir- “FLOWERBOI4000” (EP)

Zamir- "FLOWERBOI4000" (EP)

Alternative rapper, Zamir has finally released his highly anticipated otherworldly EP, “FLOWERBOI4000”.

“FLOWERBOI4000” is a ten-track ode to his bold-faced personality that now plays host to the EP which contains some of the finest trap sounds to come out of Nigeria. Every subject that matters to the rapper makes it to the project. The sharp distinction between self-awareness on the earlier released introductory track, ‘A. Iverson’, featuring dndsection and his unashamed declaration of love on ‘Amnesia’, posits him as a bad boy with a good heart and human emotions, this helps smooth out the jagged edges his menacing aura creates.

With his humanity now on full display on ‘FLOWERBOI4000’, Zamir does not hesitate to share his space with industry like-minds. From Mannywellz, who helps to blur out the technicalities on ‘FLY’, to Tay Iwar, whose smooth vocals perfectly juxtaposes Zamir‘s on ‘Pretend. SGaWD, who matches him bar for bar on ‘BAD AF’ and Deto Black’s feistiness that serves as the perfect accompaniment for his on STAN’, the collaborations enhance the project’s cohesiveness.

Rappers usually follow the same path, from start to finish of their careers, depending on their storytelling abilities and unwavering fanbases, for Zamir however, on a project like ‘FLOWERBOI4000’, he indirectly steps out of these confines, dropping his rapper title and opting for artist instead, one that encapsulates who he is at the moment.

Listen to the EP and share your thoughts below!

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