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Psiv – “Wine and Lobster”

psiv - "Wine and Lobster"

Following the release of his pace setting EP,  ‘Welcome To The 234’, Nigerian artist, Psiv makes a return with his latest single, “Wine & Lobster”.

“Wine & Lobster” encapsulates the experience of the high life. Psiv wants his listeners to feel sophisticated and over reverberating synths, he affords them opportunities to remember good times and bask in these memories. However, Psiv feels like this approach might be more than just be wishful thinking and reveals the single’s essential message is that no matter where his listeners find themselves in their journey to the high life, they should savor every single second of their experience. The alternative is that if they don’t, they’ll miss out on a lot of life’s exciting moments.

Whilst the lavish lifestyle might not be everyone’s desire, “Wine & Lobster” encourages listeners to strive to attain their equivalent of ‘wine and lobster’, whatever that might be.

The single marks a change of taste and is a pleasant indicator of what is still yet to come from Psiv.

Listen and share your thoughts below!

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