Whoisakin – “Let Me Love You”

Whoisakin - "Let Me Love You"

Still faceless and deeply immersed in a culture that thrives on mystery, Whoisakin returns this week after months away from the scene, anchored on his passion and penchant for secrecy on his latest, “Let Me Love You”, a classic title that draws on existing expectations for such titles and the singer’s ability to spin heartwarming stories out of the strangest of situations.

A break for his own normal, the barely-there single produced by Ileri, leverages its creators’ strengths by making the most of the best of their talents before sizzling away accompanied by the already spun emotions of listeners. Let Me Love You is on for less than two minutes, but in the one minute and fifty-seven seconds he has, Whoisakin makes the most of wooing his muse along with his listeners, all of whom he put hold on since Full Moon Weekends, his 2020 pre-summer debut EP, that opened our eyes to the extent of his talent.

Similar to the emotiveness displayed on singles like ‘Magic’, off ‘Full Moon Weekends‘, ‘Let Me Love You‘, goes down the path but comes with its own unique features like the fusion of bouncy percussions with a smooth narrative to juxtapose and cushion the effects of his lengthy silence.

Listen to ‘Let Me Love You’ and share your thoughts below!

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