Obongjayar  Shares Video for New Song, “Message in a Hammer”

Obongjayar Shares Video for New Song “Message in a Hammer”

Nigerian-born London-based singer, Obongjayar has released “Message In A Hammer”, the first single from his forthcoming debut album.

“Message In A Hammer” has a pounding beat from producer Barney Lister, and Obongjayar chants methodically over it, sounding raw and passionate. In a press release, Obongjayar says, “‘Message In a Hammer’ is about fight, and fighting against the powers that take and steal and rob from us, and calling them by their name — thieves and murderers.” There’s a whole lot of determination in the track, and the track also has a pretty great video.

In director Rollo Jackson‘s “Message In A Hammer” video, Obongjayar stars as a driver who takes bloody revenge against a gang leader.

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