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Nigerian artist Tomi Thomas captivates audiences through sight and sound with his music video for Gogo Dancer.

The latest visual entices viewers to immerse themselves in the experiences unfolding before them as if they were the characters in the story. The catchy beat turns live-action with a mesmerizing opening scene featuring Tomi performing outdoors for an enthusiastic audience, including a very talented dancer who steps into the spotlight.

Just as the dancer becomes the centerpiece and emanates Goddess vibes, the scene cuts to a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor landscape and a handsome Tomi Thomas sauntering about on the beach. He paints a picture with his expressive vocals and lyrics from the heart to create a familiar environment for pure emotion to thrive. A gorgeous troupe of women move in sync as nature provides the backdrop for the muse to reappear in all her glory.

Tomi teamed up with a long-time friend and collaborator to direct and edit the video via uaxstudio, the company behind the music video for “Crazy Tings,” and has worked with countless others on the come up like Prettyboy D-O.

Watch the video and share your thoughts below!

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