RnB Princess Dishes Out Romantic Tale on “M D D W”

RnB Princess Dishes Out Romantic Tale on "M D D W"

After the successful release of “Be Gone” in April, and “Lost” in October, Princess wraps up the year with a new single dubbed “M D D W”

Born out of a desire to be different whilst still staying true to her R&B roots, “M D D W” is a two-part story that best represents characters (both on extreme ends) which Princess plays in the game of love. 

“My Darling” portrays a softer side of Princess, where we see her as a needy, clingy lover seeking reassurance and ends with a realization that her needs would never be satisfied. The song seamlessly transitions to “Don’t Wanna” where Princess takes on a darker character, re-emerging as a ‘baddie’ with a new sense of self-value & confidence, and uninterested in a half-ass love.

A true testament to her intentionality and consistency, each emotion is accurately captured through her soft, captivating vocals and well-structured, relatable lyrics.  

The song is produced by Ifedapo, who also collaborates in the writing of “My Darling”, and is sound engineered by Cizzle.

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