Psycho YP Drops Two New Singles, “Midlife Crisis/WYDTM”

Psycho YP Drops Two New Singles, "Midlife Crisis/WYDTM"

Following the success of his fourth studio project, ‘Euphoria’,  Abuja favorite Psycho YP has released a two track project titled “Midlife Crisis/WYDTM”. The drop features two singles — “Midlife Crisis” and “WYDTM”.

Alias The Fresh Prince of Nigerian Rap, YP maintains his melodic rap flow while infusing lyrics that paint a clear picture on “Midlife Crisis”. A little different from his typical style, Psycho YP tells the story of a young boy in love with an older woman as he waxes lyrical on an edgy baseline. 

On “WYDTM”, he teams up with Azanti — who he collaborated with on his 2020 album YP & Azanti to deliver a more upbeat dance track where he talks about getting over heartbreak using material things. You definitely cannot miss the UK influence and Azanti’s stellar vocals on this intriguing track.

YP continues to chart a clear course for himself in the music industry. With his versatility and talent, Psycho YP definitely remains one to look out for. 

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