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Clogz Links Rukmani & Miickey Metro On Romantic Number, “Love Notions”

Clogz Links Rukmani & Metro On Romantic Number,  "Love Notions"

Emanating from the stable of Port Harcourt collective, Black Federation, Clogz is back with his usual play at experimenting with sounds. This time, he features Rukmani and Miickey Metro on a romantic number titled “Love Notions”.

“Love Notions” is the second single from Clogz upcoming tape, ‘AI Notions’. The record encapsulates two whims about love, perfectly painted by songbird Rukmani and trap prodigy Miickey Metro, accompanied with a fast paced, aggressive synth bass, trappy hi-hats and an overall heavy hitting rap production by Clogz. All these threads knit together into an intricately woven web of poetic and musical contrast between the romantic perspective depicted by both artists, with Rukmani holding on to her free spirited, independent approach to romance while recognizing the sensation gotten from a dedicated partner, and Miickey Metro not giving in while also demanding a change in attitude in other to reap the benefits he has to offer.

“Love Notions” is a vibrant work of art, which raises firm anticipation about Clogz forthcoming ep and fully showcases the personalities of three of the most exciting music creators in the emerging port harcourt music scene, Rukmani and Miickey Metro on the singer/songwriter ends and Clogz on production.

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