H.O.M.A Debuts New Single, “Complicated”

H.O.M.A Debuts New Single, "Complicated"

Port Harcourt based singer, H.O.M.A returns with a surreal R&B single titled “Complicated”.

“Complicated” stemmed from a chanced scenario during a recording session by H.O.M.A, Killer producer, Abel Lead Us, and other members of the team; a scenario which found Killer producer and his significant other in an argument, stirring up a downbeat and moody ambience in the room which influenced the overall tone of the record.

Produced by Killer producer and Abel Lead Us on the strings, “Complicated” is a slow progressing contemporary R&B record, with highly sensitive song writing and an emotion-evoking performance which is typical of H.O.M.A. He portrays a melancholic and susceptible picture, taking a more sedating route than his previous two music offerings in ‘Bamboozle’ & ‘Move your body’.

On “Complicated”, H.O.M.A expresses frustration without the intention of letting go. He showcases intense displeasure but still holds personally to his love interest. It’s a circle of instability and attachment which leaves him confused and reflective, asking questions like “why you fucking complicated oh my baby oh my baby; so what you want from a nigga like me?” on the record.

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