Mojo Returns with New Single, “Rap Jesu”

Mojo Returns with New Single, “Rap Jesu”

Fast-rising rapper with an undying love for street lingos, MOJO AF, is back with another rap tune. This time around, he titles it after one of aliases, “Rap Jesu”.

On “Rap Jesu”, MOJO spits hard-hitting bars that cement his status as one of the finest rappers on the Nigerian rap scene. Devising both the English and Yoruba language, MOJO shows off his rap skills with braggadocious lines about his love for marijuana, women and money. “I be the hardest / Since I enter market / Till I enter casket / Better talent / Me na better asset / Me na cheddar magnet”, he confidently raps on the first verse.

On the second verse, MOJO casually raps about how much cheddar he’s making: “I fit blow their salary and house rent on igbo casually / . . . / i no dey wear fake designer chains abi LV made in China / . . . / I made gems and M’s / I made more paper than spent”. He also boasts of being the hardest rapper on the microphone in the country, the respect he garners because of his status and how no one dares counter his claims, because he will “embarrass them with the flow normally” turning them to a casualty real quick.

Rap Jesu no ordinary, na why dem no fit take me go Calvary“, MOJO raps on “Rap Jesu”. Check it out below!

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