Ruger Releases Deluxe Edition Of “The Second Wave” EP

Ruger Releases Deluxe Edition Of "The Second Wave" EP

Afrobeats star Ruger has released the deluxe edition of his sophomore EP, “The Second Wave”.

“The Second Wave” EP enjoyed a decent level of success with ‘Dior’ and ‘Snapchat’ gaining popularity amongst listeners. The EP proved that despite his relatively short time in the music industry, Ruger, named for the rugged pistol, is not given to shooting blanks and the deluxe edition adds extra ammo with 3 new tracks, ‘Girlfriend’, ‘WeWe’ and ‘Warning’.

On the 7-track deluxe edition of the EP, his ongoing partnership with veteran producer KukBeat is once again on full display as he sticks with the formula that delivered previous hit songs like ‘Bounce’.

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