Straffitti Releases New EP, “Bad Bitch Supply”

Straffitti Releases New EP, "Bad Bitch Supply"

Multi-talented singer, rapper and uber-creative Straffitti has finally released his long-awaited EP, “Bad Bitch Supply”.

“Bad Bitch Supply” is a 6-track EP with songs dedicated to independent women with class and confidence. The EP is another eclectic set that follows up on his ‘Straff From Nigeria’ EP, the project mirrors his eccentric style, making it a refreshing listening experience that underlines the valuable quality of underdogs in the industry.

The first track of the project, ‘Non Stop’ is a rhythmic number that finds Straffitti wooing a love interest, he admits that they are both caught up in the fast life with other guys and babes in the picture but seeks to make things work between them. As the introductory track, it sets the mood for ‘Be There’ where he assures his love interest of his emotional availability as he sings: “I wanna be there, when you call, i come running”.

On ‘Rich Girl’, Straffitti tells a tale of his entanglement with a rich girl who is out of his league financially, he admits that he can’t keep up and the situation makes him wary because she can provide for herself and he doesn’t have the time to meet her needs since he’s also trying to secure the bag.

‘Kryponite’ and ‘Run Me Down’ are instant bops that find Straffitti bending to the demands of the mainstream with their rhythmic pattern. The closing track, ‘Never Listen’ is a low tempo song that makes a clear departure from the appealing tone of the previous tracks with its complaint about the never listening attitude of his love interest, yet he remains adamant despite the flaw, as he declares that he would never let her go.

Executively produced by Straffitti & GC3F, the EP “Bad Bitch Supply” was released to keep his female fans and listeners excited all through the summer.

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