Tena Tenpo Releases Debut EP, “Vibes Alive”

Tena Tenpo Releases Debut EP, "Vibes Alive"

Fast-rising experimental artist and songwriter Tena Tenpo has finally released his long awaited debut EP, “Vibes Alive”. The dynamic project is Tenpo’s way of expressing how experimental and versatile he is. Born Tena Podeke on June 26, 1993, in Lagos State, Nigeria, Tena Tenpo’s music can be termed Afro-fusion, mixing afrobeat influences with rap and sometimes, R&B.

On the 6 track EP, Tena sonically darts around the spectrums of Alternative rap, Afrofusion and hip hop. He delivers a salient reference point for his sonic transition with ‘Vibes Alive’, traversing the full spectrum of creativity with an array of great cuts. From the groovy talking drums on smooth and heady jam ‘Freaky’ featuring Tim Lyre to the soulful live performance of ‘Tunmise’ which features Tena‘s new found love of live performance; this album is his way of making an electric breakout.

In Tena’s words, “ is way bigger than a genre. It’s more like sound of different emotions and times. I just make good music.” The project features verses from hard hitters like Tim Lyre, MOJO AF, YazidXo & Jawzs, and production from Toyin Ores, MixedByDammy and Yazidxo.

Listen to “Vibes Alive” here.

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