Stany Taps Rema & Offset For Debut Single, “Only You”

Stany Taps Rema & Offset For Debut Single, "Only You"

French producer and DJ Stany has been making career-defining hits with international artists for over a decade; however today, he releases an official debut single under his own name; a dancefloor-ready banger, “Only You” featuring Nigerian luminary Rema and American rapper, Offset. The song came equipped with a technicolour video directed by Felicity Ben Rejeb Price.

Ahead of the tracks’ release, Stany was cosigned by Platinum hit-maker DJ Khaled who narrated a prologue posted to socials championing more creatives to emerge from behind the scenes and be spotlighted front and centre for their contributions. With the release of “Only You” Stany embarks on a bourgeoning journey infusing a blend of Afrobeats, house music and his love for hip-hop to make the whole world dance.

Listen here.

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