TeeZee & Cruel Santino Combine For New Single, “Manhattan”

TeeZee & Cruel Santino Combine For New Single, "Manhattan"

Alternative music star Teezee links up with Cruel Santino for a new single titled “Manhattan”.

On the new single, Teezee and Santi direct their attention to their love interest, serenading her with sweet-sounding low cadence vocals on the track’s mid-tempo instrumentals. “I will do anything for your love, girl I want to see” Santi croons in the intro, expressing his desire fly across the world to be share the same space. Shortly after, Teezee’s rhythmic flow takes over the track as his sonorous vocals further explaining that distance is no issues.

The duo go back and forth for the rest of the track, showcasing sonic dexterity as they detail their dedication to their muse.

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