A.Youngin Releases Self-titled Single, “A Youngin Called A.Youngin”

A.Youngin Releases Eponymous Single "A Youngin Called A.Youngin"

Versatile rapper, A.Youngin returns from a long hiatus with self-titled single “A Youngin Called A.Youngin.” (AYCAY).

The new song is a re-introduction of the rapper to the vibrant drill scene after his last single on August 19, 2022.

“AYCAY” accommodates a cloudless elucidation of the rapper’s foggy past. On this new record, A.Youngin illuminates his story with crafty bars and a peerless flow.

In an interview with this source, the rapper said this new song is not only about the genesis of his life story but also about his current status as well as the prevailing social and economic happenings. “The second verse is a projection of my present self-caged by everything going on around me,” he added.

Production credits go out to DJ Blu for the impeccable Drill instrumentals. Mixing and mastering on “AYCAY” was done by none other than the genius Metalbeatz.

Listen to “AYCAY” here.

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