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Kid be Kid Releases Audio/Video Of New Single, “Naked Times”

Kid be Kid Releases Audio/Video Of New Single, "Naked Times"

Beatboxing singer and producer KID BE KID has released her latest single titled “Naked Times”.

The single is the first to be shared from her forthcoming album ‘Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream’, which will be released on the 9th of June via Fun In The Church.

Originating from Berlin, Germany pianist, singer, and human beatbox KID BE KID was raised by professional musicians. Her parents only listened to classical music, so she recorded her favourite songs off the radio and explored her taste in secrecy. Later, she learned to play the piano but disliked staring at the sheet music. At 19, She found freedom from the confines through Jazz improvisation, which led her to experiment with aspects of Neo Soul, Hip Hop, and Pop. She released her debut album in 2017 Sold Out and followed up with her 2020 EP Lovely Genders. In 2022, she collaborated with Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft on the single ‘My first life’ and has been touring Europe non-stop since last summer. Drawing influence from Little Simz, Frank Ocean, and Kaytranada, her sound brings Björk, FKA twigs, and Grimes to mind.

Honest to the core, triple threat musician KID BE KID exposes her truth on her latest single “Naked Times”. Revealing what she really thinks about pretence in society, she has layered heavy metallic synth melodies and percussive rhythms, which she created with her own voice, to drive home her message of authenticity in stark, dark tones that reflect her frankness.

KID BE KID says: “A friend told me after my concert that he had seen me ‘naked’ on stage. He explained it to me by saying that I had been like an open book. Yes. On stage it’s exciting. In life, sometimes it’s embarrassing. And yet in ‘Naked Times’ I call on people to let go of all the facade nonsense.”

Listen to “Naked Truth” here.

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