Juic3Boy Delivers Two New Singles, “Sticky Situation” & “Keep The Faith” 

Juic3Boy Delivers Two New Singles, "Sticky Situation" & "Keep The Faith" 

Canada-based Ghanaian musician, Juic3Boy releases two new singles to kick start the year. “Sticky Situation” and “Keep The Faith” are the new additions to the versatile singer’s opulent discography.

Juic3Boy opens up about his love life on “Sticky Situation” where he describes the hardships of a long-distance relationship with a UK girl. He floods the 3 minutes 24 seconds song with soulful vocals after accepting he can’t be with his lover due to distance.

The second song, “Keep The Faith” is a sequel to his previous single “Outside (Soft Life)” which has over 22 thousand streams on Spotify. The Afro-fusion song is a product of being trapped in another dilemma. Juic3Boy shares this masterpiece after falling deeply in love with a lady who was on the same wavelength emotionally but switched up due to unforeseen circumstances. 

“I want listeners to trace the connection between my pain and emotions but also the commitment that I shared to save these relationships,” he told this source. He added that love can work no matter the circumstance, it just depends if you’re ready to accept it.

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