Jessey Maine Rolls Out “DICE” as First Single Of 2023

Jessey Maine Rolls Out "DICE" as First Single Of 2023

Fast-rising Rap artist Jessey Maine‘s much anticipated premier single of the year, “DICE”, is finally out.

Just like a dice, Jessey Maine flaunts his versatility on the new song and displays multiple facets of his skill. A stupendous rap and ragga flow in three distinct languages; English, Twi and Hausa, usher the listener into a riveting song.

Not many people make good rap songs that can double as party jams. However, Jessey Maine seems to achieve this with “DICE”. The new song is a bop and a half, a potential street anthem; the perfect song for a jam session with the squad.

On the hook, he raps: “Six, Six, Six on the DICE” – a call for divine intervention and luck on the streets with all odds heavily against the youth.

“DICE” was produced by the talented Stokeley, and mixed and mastered by Jxrry B.

Listen here.

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