J.E.N.N.Y Shines on Soulful R&B Anthem, “SUMMERTIME”

J.E.N.N.Y Shines on Soulful R&B Anthem, "SUMMERTIME"

Sensational Afro-Pop and R&B singer, J.E.N.N.Y has released a captivating new single titled “Summertime”. The much-awaited R&B single depicts the singer’s unique ability to suffuse his emotions, personal experiences and that of others into his music.

On “Summertime”, J.E.N.N.Y brings us to a place of infinite sunshine, carefree times, and wonderful memories. His soft voice elicits a sense of warmth with each note he sings, perfectly complementing the song’s lovely melodies.

Whether you’re relaxing on a sun-kissed beach or speeding through city streets with the windows down, “Summertime” is the best hymn for those looking to embrace the essence of the season. This new song is a potential song of the summer contender and is set to cement J.E.N.N.Y’s status as one of the most promising talents in the alternative Ghanaian soundscape.

“Summertime” was produced by the talented Trizzybeatx and mixed and mastered by MikeMillzOn’Em.

Listen here.

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