Ghanaian Star Ohene Parker Drops “Big Vibe Thing” – A Fusion of Highlife Joy and Contemporary Beats 

Ghanaian Star Ohene Parker Drops "Big Vibe Thing" - A Fusion of Highlife Joy and Contemporary Beats 

Fast-rising Ghanaian singer, Ohene Parker has released a sensational vibe-filled new single titled “Big Vibe Thing”. With gaiety as its central theme, the Highlife song captures a frolic atmosphere and is an enthralling masterpiece.

Ohene Parker in a romp shines his animated vocals which blends in with the instrumentation to form an ambience that matches the song’s light hearted theme.

On “Big Vibe Thing”, the singer brags about his lively personality which makes him the ladies’ man. He highlights, on the hook, how all the ladies want to spend time with him because he gives off good vibes. If anything at all, Ohene Parker surely gives off very good vibes and his previous work is testament to this fact.

Fusing traditional Highlife rhythms with contemporary sounds to produce back-to-back classics like “Breath”, “Too Bright” and the street favorite “Yellow App”, with ease is no small feat.

Recognized as one of the few ethereal voices in the industry, Ohene Parker possesses production abilities in addition, as he mixed and mastered this new one.

Listen here.

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