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RnB Princess – “Be Gone” featuring Fuga The Pirate

RnB Princess - "Be Gone" Feat. Fuga The Pirate

RnB Princess is a Nigerian Indie Artiste who is as much a storyteller as she is a brilliant singer, with vocals that echo both warmth and a shocking cool through her listeners.

Following her recent re-brand and serving as her first official release under the name RnB Princess, she reinvents her sound with the Noiz-produced “Be Gone featuring long-time collaborator and rapper, Fuga The Pirate.

Be Gone” is the perfect song for chill days when you want to relax or work whilst having a song on repeat. A contemporary R&B classic, it tells the tale of a romantic situation turned sour from the perspective of the uncomfortable lover who chose freedom over discomfort. A slight departure from Princess’ typical soulful vibe, she flaunts her skill in singing and storytelling through her use of repetitions, addictive melodies and an enthralling hook fused together with a perfect rap interlude delivered by Fuga The Pirate.

Listen below!

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